Sea Moss Gel W/ Elderberry - Nature's Health Haven
Sea Moss Gel W/ Elderberry - Nature's Health Haven
Sea Moss Gel W/ Elderberry - Nature's Health Haven
Sea Moss Gel W/ Elderberry - Nature's Health Haven
Nature's Health Haven

Sea Moss Infused w/ Elderberry: A powerful immune boosting combination

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Wildcrafted Sea Moss Gel W/ Elderberry


Nature’s Health Haven The Caribbean Islands' coastal areas are home to sea moss. It is loaded with minerals and vitamins. It has the potential to boost energy levels, alkalize the body, toxic toxins, colds and mucus, immune system, flesh wounds, joint and muscle aches, inflammations, and more because it is specially made from a source of nature. Iodine, magnesium, sulfur, selenium, and potassium are all abundant in sea moss.

Due to the fact that most adults only absorb half of these elements through their everyday diets, sea moss is swiftly emerging as a top superfood. The leading contributor to health issues around the world is mineral deficiency.
You may become a new and healthier version of yourself by simply adding 1-2 spoons to your smoothies, desserts, soups, and gravies. It serves as a natural emulsifier and aids in combining fats and liquids. Over time, consuming sea moss gel with your meals will help reduce mucus and inflammation.


Do not forget to apply a small amount of it as a face mask. It is LOADED with the minerals that your skin DESIRES and is fantastic for sunburns, eczema, and acne.
Since it is a natural collagen, it will aid in skin hydration and wrinkle reduction. 

Elderberry berries and blooms contain potent antioxidants and vitamins that may strengthen your immune system. Assist in reducing stress, inflammation, and heart health.

Additionally, it has been utilized to treat:

Muscle and joint pain
Respiratory system-related infections
Migraines and headaches
kidney issues
Minor skin issues

    Disclaimer: This product has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. Anyone allergic to fish or shellfish is warned against taking this product. Pregnant women should consult a physician before taking this product.


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