Ethiopian Black Seed Oil
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil
Ethiopian Black Seed Oil
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Ethiopian Black Seed Oil

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4oz Ethiopian Black Seed Oil


Our Ethiopian Black Seed Oil Thymoquinone Result is 2.55%!!

So these academics further attest to the TQ having amazing attributes. They consider it possess the following effects:

1. An antiviral effect. Also explained as, important for treating viral infections.

2. An antibacterial effect. Also explained as, important for killing and slowing down the growth-rate of bacteria

3. An anti-inflammatory effect. Also explained as, effective in reducing swelling (inflammation) , pain, and high blood pressure.

4. An immunomodulatory effect. Also explained as, important as part of immunotherapy,  in which immune responses are induced, amplified, attenuated, or prevented according to therapeutic goals.


Additionally, Thymoquinone has shown positive effects in the treatment of bone complications, fibrosis, cardiovascular disorders, reproductive disorders, diabetes and respiratory illnesses. In addition to these great accolades, a considerable amount of data shows that TQ has no serious toxicity and very low adverse effects. Finally, Thymoquinone’s anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory has further been supported.

So with all these amazing functions, it’s no wonder black seeds are referred to as blessed!

But Which Type Of Black Seed Has The Most TQ?

So in a recent studies, many types of black cumin seed (black seed) from different countries of origin were investigated. This study found the values of TQ as well as Thymol (THY) in black seeds as follows:

  • Ethiopian: TQ = 3098.5 mg/kg and THY = 230.6 mg/kg.
  • India: TQ = 2362.8 mg/kg and THY =201.16 mg/kg.
  • Saudi Arabia: TQ = 2250.6 mg/kg and THY = 133.88 mg/kg.
  • Syria: TQ = 1371.9 mg/kg and THY = 120.4 mg/kg.
  • Sudan: TQ = 1274.6 mg/kg and THY = 113.40 mg/kg.

So these results show Ethiopian black seeds as the clear winner! So it’s no wonder that Ethiopian black seeds are considered the best in the black seed market! Our products are free of parabens, SLS, sulfates, phthalates, alcohol, propylene glycol, mineral oil, petroleum, recycled water, and synthetic fragrance & dyes; we practice fair trade and our products are cruelty-free and conflict-free, 100% organic Cold Pressed.



 Contains only 100% pure Cold Pressed, naturally grown Ethiopian black seed



Common usage of black seed oil is 3 to 4 drops per day preferable after meal, often mixed with raw honey, agave, or natural juice. Ancient Egyptians would use the oil to boost their immune system. The oil was also applied to the scalp to encourage healthy growth and applied to the skin to manage a variety of conditions, including dry skin, burns, eczema and rashes.

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