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Organic Ginger and Turmeric Juice Shots: A natural immunity booster

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Organic Ginger & Turmeric Juice Shots

  • Anti-inflammatory:¬†Helps in reducing inflammation and supports a regular lifestyle..
  • Flus: Best for seasonal allergic flus such (Pollen) that cause you anxiety when such seasons begin.
  • Sinusitis:¬†These shots can help sinusitis-related headaches and fever.
  • All organic:¬†¬†100% organic made with natural ingredients ( The Root of Ginger and Turmeric)
  • One-shot a day:¬†1 shot each day: A single shot (2 oz) a day is sufficient to increase immunity,relieve sinus issues, lower cholesterol, and improve blood flow.¬†¬†

100% organic juice from Ginger Root and Turmeric Root and mixes it with Spring Water to aid your taste buds. *Shake Well

Shelf life 

Consume within 3 days after opening

30 days refrigerated and up to 2 month in freezer

Disclaimer: A maximum of one-shot is recommended in a day. Contact your doctor if you are currently taking blood thinners. *Ginger is known to be a natural blood thinner.


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